Marvelous Monday

What a great day we had at camp. The sun was shining and there was a cool breeze that made being outside phenomenal. There were a lot games and tournaments being played outside camp today. Congratulations to our boys who ran for our track team. They placed 4th  in the track tournament. Our girls gymnastic team had a great time at their tournament. They placed 5th overall. Go girls!! Cheers to our flag football team who spent the day advancing in their tourney and brought home 2nd place trophies. Regardless of where our teams placed, the pride came when all the other camps had placed calls to us telling us how fantastic our kids were and how impressive their sportsmanship was while at their camps for all the games and competitions. We couldn’t be more proud and excited for their amazing show of ability, sportsmanship, dedication and teamwork. It’s great to be a Chenny kid!

As the afternoon ended, all the Seniors loaded the buses for their overnight to Hershey Park. They had a pizza party when they arrived and then headed off to their rooms to get a good night sleep before the big day at the park tomorrow. They were so excited for their very own trip.Go Seniors!

Juniors and Middies loaded their own bus and headed out to a night of bowling. We had the bowling alley all to ourselves and the kids loved it. We ate, played arcade games, bowled and hung out with friends. It was such an amazing night for our little ones.

The Inters and Collegiates went their own way and were off to the movies. They had a ball and loved getting to see all the new releases. A fun night full of friends, popcorn and the big screen. What could be better?

The Supers, GC’s and CIT’s/Waiters had camp all to themselves tonight as they packed for their big trip to Cleveland in the morning. Of course they had the traditional Road Ralley and then they enjoyed an ice cream party in the Cookhouse and got excited for their Big 3 Day Adventure.

As you probably see by now, no matter if you are a Junior or a CIT your experience at camp is always filled with adventure and joy because you have your friends right by your side experiencing all that summer camp offers.  No day is the same, no night is lonely. We all are going through it together.

Chenny out.