Red Rock & Gold Rap – It’s neck and neck

We are two days into our Color War competition and only 50 points divides the teams. Our campers have been in heavy battle with basketball, soccer & baseball games. It didn’t stop there… they went head to head in BBG and kickball games. They were in the pool battling in a close game of water basketball. Pride is on the line and the stakes are high.

After this great day of competition, we all headed up the hill to see the long standing camping color war tradition we call ROPE BURNING & WATER BOILING. Both teams had fires going within a matter of minutes. It was so close and it looked as if Gold Rap was going to burn the rope first but at the last minute, the fire gave way and Red Rock won. Even though the points for rope burning went to Red Rock, Gold Rap brought home the win for water boiling. It was an exciting event and this night proved to hold our color war tradition strong.