Full day of Color War Battles that ended with a bang… QUIZ NIGHT!!!!

The weather held out for today’s events that included girls swim meet & boys track meet. An exciting game of steal the bacon happened between the junior girls and the collegiate boys battled on the hockey rink, just to name a few.

The chants and cheers, the psych speeches & the painted faces all for one goal, to be crowned Color War Winner!! Well today was no different. Both teams want it bad and will stop at nothing to win this ultimate camp honor.

Each division had their own mini quiz night where they answered age appropriate questions about camp, history, sports and pop culture. The campers loved this evening activity and we all met up in the Rec Hall where we watched the counselors battle in their own quiz competition. It was close but Gold Rap ended up victorious in the end!!!!!

We just can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring.