RED ROBBERS vs. GOLD COPS – Let the Games Begin!!!!!!!!!!!

The tale of this summers Color War started 5 days ago. It began as a Waiter prank that we initiated. We put up a rival camps sign just at the end of our road and as tradition would have, our Waiters (along with their Head Counselors) decided that they would take down that sign. It was put up way too close to our dear summer home and they weren’t having that. As midnight struck on this past Tuesday they all dressed in black and with flashlights in hand and one goal in mind…. Take down their sign!!!!!

Off they went and they completed their mission. The new sign was brought down and Chenny prevailed. So they thought. Having no idea that we were there, in the brush watching them as they worked together quiet and only using hand signs. They cheered without sound and carried that sign back to camp. Mums the word but we needed the word to spread. Who stole the sign? We spread the rumor and it spread like wild fire. Our rival’s brand new camp sign was stolen and we were to blame. But who was responsible?

The next step was to bring both boys and girls together after their morning line up so days ago, we started having group tetherball right out front of Arts & Crafts. This got the whole camp together, without suspicion. Today was the day. It was the Championship tetherball matches and just as the final round was beginning…you heard the sirens coming down Camp Road. It was the Police and they were looking for the culprits of who stole the sign.

The Chief of Police got out of his car and the campers knew something quite strange was happening. Matty Lennon, our Boys Head Counselor took the fall. He was arguing that there was no sign here but the Chief would not have it. Matty was cuffed and in the back of the police car he went. To his rescue came Brian, our other Boys Head Counselor and he too put up a great fight but was cuffed and off he went. Campers were so confused and emotional as both of our Head Counselors had just been arrested.

As the police car rolled out of camp with sirens blaring, the mayhem began. Out of the Boat House rolled seven Cops (our staff) and out of the School of Rock came seven Robbers (our staff too) and began a hilarious cops chasing robbers scene. The campers caught on and couldn’t believe that what had happened a few minutes prior wasn’t real. This was Color War, our Waiters had been punked and the fun was about to start!!!!!


Games are in full swing and the campers have caught the spirit. First order of business was this mornings Tugs of War, then games, game and more games. We ended with Contest Night and day 1 of Color War 2011 was spectacular.

Camp is full of pride, spirit and fun competition. It just doesn’t get better than this. We are loving it and can’t wait for tomorrow to begin as we tackle Color War day 2.

Chenny out.