A Little Rain Couldn’t Drown Out Our Color War Spirit!!

The rain came down but that didn’t stop us. The War raged on with wacky relay races & mass dodge ball inside the Rec Hall. While song and skit practice were held in the Canteen and Teen Center. The spirit is alive and each team knows what they have to do. Every team member is equally important. No matter if you are a Freshman or a CIT, you count and you have your entire team rooting for you. Every member is a contributing factor. They are giving it their all and working hard for the good of their team.

Tonight was quiz night and everybody experienced our mental challenge. Questions ranged from the obscure to the mundane. Every topic was covered and every camper was challenged. It was a team effort as they hummed and hawed over the answers. A giant trivial pursuit if you will. The night was amazing and one thing we all realized that our minds are sharp and we are all smart as a whip. Chenny kids have the brains and the brawn!!!!!

Our spirit is on overdrive and everyone feels it.  Color War brings out the best in us. It emphasizes camaraderie and spirit. It embraces great competition and intense play. It honors sportsmanship and unity. It teaches us how to tolerate that feeling when we lose and how unexplainable the elation is when we win. This Color War allows us to come together as a team and fight for something we believe in. We are in the midst of a battle and love every minute if it.

Can’t wait to get up tomorrow and do this again!!

Chenny out.