Out Of Camp Fun

There is something quite special about heading out of camp on trips with your campies. Everyone is wearing their camp shirts and we all load the buses to some amazing fun places. It unifies us as a group as we exit our gates for some fantastic adventures. Each group had a ball today as they enjoyed themselves beyond imagination.

Our youngest Freshmen campers spent their day at Claws and Paws Zoo and it was remarkable. They watched the monkeys play, they saw some great animal shows, they enjoyed the animal scavenger hunt and in one adorable Freshmen’s own words, “That was the best day ever.” They rolled back into camp right at shower hour, all with the stuffed zoo animals they bought there. The cuteness was too much too handle. After a yummy dinner, they brought their new zoo animal friends into the Chen-A-Plex as they watched Zoo Keeper.

The Juniors and Middies started their day at Leahy’s fun park where they played in the arcade, zoomed around the go-kart track, played mini-golf and had a blast of a day. Then it was off to the movies to catch this summer’s hottest blockbusters. Half of the campers saw Minions and the other half enjoyed Inside Out. They arrived back to camp just in time for dinner and then spent their night outside playing games and enjoying a perfect summer evening under the stars. An absolutely remarkable trip and a fun relaxing night back at camp. Just doesn’t get better than that.

Inters and Collegiates got wet, wild and wacky at Camel Beach today. It was a hot day and there is no better way to spend it than with your campies swirling around the giant toilet bowl!!!! They relaxed in the lazy river and had a blast in the wave pool. It was an all around perfect way to cool down and have an ideal summer day day.

Seniors and Supers spent their day at Aquatopia and it was perfect. The brand new indoor water park is the biggest of it’s kind in all of Pennsylvania. This ginormous indoor water park was the ideal spot for these campers. They relaxed at the pool after they spent hours on the rides. It was another amazing day for these campers who made memories that will last their lifetime. When they got back to camp, every single one of them said the same thing, “That was the BEST trip EVER!!!!”

Our Wanderers had a true LA day as they toured Sony Studios and saw movie magic. After the tour it was onto more Hollywood experiences with an afternoon spent at Universal Studios where they went on rides and saw attractions they only see in the movies. They are getting the real deal Los Angeles experience and we couldn’t be happier for them. They are soaking it all in and enjoying every moment.

The CIT’s spent their afternoon at Syracuse and after touring the campus, it was time to eat and shop. The day was perfect and so meaningful as one CIT said to the group as they rolled back ingot camp tonight, “We can’t ever forget days like today and in only 25 days, our time as Chen-A-Wanda campers is done.” So they made a commitment to treasure every moment and appreciate every experience they all will have for the next 25 days.

With the exception of our Wanderers, we are all back in camp, snuggled in our beds and sleeping soundly from a day well spent.  We are not wasting one moment here and living out our summer dreams.  Best news is we are only halfway through our summer and  there is so much more to do. When we say Life is Great here, we mean it!!!!

Chenny out