A Wonderful WandaWednesday

I sat in center camp today and watched your kids playing and was thinking of you, their families at home, wondering if the pictures and video truly relay how easy life is up here. There were kids swinging on swings and some were having a catch and most were in conversation with one another and all I kept think was how at ease our kids are. The music was bumping, the sun was shining and everyone was at ease. There is no traffic to get frustrated over, no daily stresses to occupy our minds and no concept of time to worry how late we are to an appointment. How nice it is to live in a state of ease and peacefulness and that is how we are living up here. It actually took my breath away as I felt incredibly grateful  that our kids get to detox from the stresses of their real world and live at ease for another 3 1/2 weeks.

Chen-A-Wanda has a perfect winning record today!

Inter Girls Basketball – CAW 21 vs. Westmont 7

Collegiate  Girls Softball РCAW 11 vs. Wayne 10

Super Girls Basketball – CAW 27 @ Lohikan 26

Freshmen/Junior Boys Baseball – CAW 5 vs. Starlight 0

Inter Boys Baseball – CAW 9 @ Wayne 1

Collegiate Boys Baseball – CAW 18 vs. Weequahic 6

Senior Boys Soccer – CAW 7 vs. Wayne 1

Chenny has so much talent that we needed another night to showcase our kids and they out did themselves tonight. They danced, told jokes, played instruments and sang and got up on that stage and felt the love. I am always blown away by the energy in Shields Hall as nights like tonight define our summer family. We love seeing each other on stage and we love cheering each other on. I tucked in some Middy girls tonight, two of which performed at this evening’s show and as we went around the bunk saying our rose & thorn of the day , the girls who performed said tonight was something they will always remember. As the giggles were in abundance as they recalled play by play of their performance, each said their rose was having the other by their side tonight and looking out at the audience and seeing the rest of their bunk cheering them on. This is what we do here and this is why we love our summer family.

Chenny out