OLYMPICS 2011…Let The Games Begin!!!!!

After yesterdays fake out, the campers spent the morning chanting…”We Want A Break Out.. Not Another Fake Out!!! Well, we gave them a breakout today and the Olympic spirit was in the air. It didn’t matter that it rained on and off throughout the day. It just mattered that this camp has spirit that is as high as the mountains that surround us.

All the camper were at snack call, when we heard the Olympic them song over the PA system. Everyone was looking around as if to say, is it real? Is this a real breakout? When out of the Dining Hall came one of our Boys Head Counselors with the Olympic Torch lit and glowing in all its’ glory. As he walked thru the sea of campers, they all followed him. He passed the torch to the next Head Counselor and so on and so on. As our campers kept following the torch being passed throughout camp, we all ended at the Skate Park for our opening ceremonies.

The Captains were announced and the excitement only grew bigger. We are heading into a 2-½ day battle and everyone is ready for the competition. Our campers were split into the three teams, RED JAPAN, GOLD JAMAICA and BLUE FRANCE!!

The first official Olympic event took place in the Rec Hall as all three teams were battling in tugs of war. Everyone gave it their all as they pulled with all their might to get a win for their team.

The next few days will be filled with spirit, sportsmanship, competition, teamwork, dedication & camaraderie. Let the Games Begin!!!!!

Chenny out.