Games, More Games and Apache Relay!!

We are in full competition mode and loving every minute of. There is so much Olympic spirit in the air and each team is putting their heart and soul in every battle. There are wins and losses, there are cheers and chants and above all there is a respect for the game. We congratulate those who have brought home a victory and support the teams that may have lost their games today. It is having respect for one another that makes these Olympics Games so magnificent.

Tonight was all about Apache Relay. Each team has 72 events to complete and the first team to finish will be crowned the winner of the Relay. The horn blew and the race began.

Every member of each team is an integral part of the race. No matter if you are a Freshman or a CIT, your parts are equally important. This event emphasizes what a family we are here and bring us all together. A junior girl was piggy backing on a Super boys back while a Senior boy is leap frogging with a freshman girl. Everyone worked together as a team to get to the finish line. It was a great night, one that we will never forget.

After a full day of games, our Olympic athletes were glad to get to bed. They know that the battle continues tomorrow with more games and ends with Olympic Sing.  There can only be one winner. Red Japan, Blue France and Gold Jamaica are all determined to bring home the Gold!!!!!

Chenny out.