Officially in FULL SWING. A Great Day 2!!!

It was a fantastic day at camp today. The sun was shining and all the campers loved their full day of activities.  We had our 1st first friend’s event. All the Bigs met their Littles and played games, go to know each other and started that amazing camp bond that happens here. It went great and all the kids joined in and loved it. Boys camp played a giant game of Rock Paper Scissors and had a ball. The Bigs shared their love for CAW with the Littles, who are just starting their amazing journey here at camp.

It was the first official opening of our newest activity, The Zone. Middy and Junior girls were the first to experience the Zone and it was AWESOME!! They were in combat with their blasting water guns and slinging those water balloons. This brand new addition has proven to be one of the most fun activities in camp. Throw on your bathing suit, get on the gear and get wet!!!!  It is extreme and everyone loves The Zone!!

We were entertained by Dangerous Dave Cox and his spectacular juggling show for our evening activity. The kids laughed along as his crazy antics entertained the crowd. Then it was off to bed for our campers. Getting a good night sleep so we all can all be ready for another amazing day here at Chen-A-Wanda.

Chenny Out.