A Great First Day!!!

The buses rolled in around 1pm and we were in full stride. Tons of cheering counselors and campers were awaiting everyone’s arrival. Counselors met their new campers, campers reconnected with old friends, and started to make new ones too. Within minutes kids were out to activities, running, jumping, and soaking each other in the Zone, playing sports, and just having some good old fashion fun. The Chenny spirit was in the air.

At night we met the staff and saw a slide show of highlights from Summer 2009. The kids and staff were so excited, singing along, and dancing in their seat. The Rec Hall was a rockin’ and the music wasn’t stopin’. The kids got canteen and played some games. Then it was back to the bunk to get some needed rest for tomorrow.

It was a great first day and you can feel the enthusiasm in the air.  We all can’t wait for tomorrow.

It’s gonna be one great summer…  

Chenny Out.