Lower Camp Takeover

When the big kids are away… the little kids will play. As the Collegiates were having a great time at Great Wolf Lodge, Seniors were enjoying their day in Hershey Park, Supers loved their time in Virginia Beach and our Wanderers spent their last day in Phoenix before they return to camp tomorrow afternoon. Our Freshmen through Inters had camp all to themselves and had an amazing day at camp. It was lower camp takeover and our youngest campers ruled the campus. Faces were painted and campers were fierce with spirit and camp pride. It was a hot one today so all the campers enjoyed water relay races, swim parties, the slip and slide,  water dodgeball tournaments and so much more. It was just a crazy fun day.

The big event of the day was Wiffle Cup 2015. Boys side was dressed in all black and girls side was everything neon. There were chants and cheers but it was all about the game. Boys side was feeling the pressure as they jumped to an early lead but girls side caught up and as they finished 6 innings, Boys side pulled out a ‘W” with a  48 -41 victory over girls side. The players for todays Cup was:

Girls side: Sophie Hornick, Sam Ehrenrich, Olivia Mallor, Sienna Fox, Jordana Reissman, Jillian Baskind, Chelsea Weisfelner, Emma Klarsfield, Jadyn Sardoff, Skler Jaffe, Dylan Berlent, Abby Leeds and Maya Grill.

Boys side: Troy Golden, Austin Levitz, Ethan Schwartzberg, Ari Hirshfield, Jordan Goldklang, Jake Schuster, Matt Traub, Turner Katz, Jake Erlich, Ben Shamus, Bradley Luts.

MVP for girls side – Jillian Baskind who had 2 HR and awesome defense. MVP for Boys Side was Turner Katz with a record breaking 5 HR’s and made the game saving defensive play to clinch the title for the boys.

After a full day of outside activities, we all needed a relaxing night so it was into Shields Hall for movie night as we loved watching Big Hero 6. It was a perfect ending to an awesome day for our lower camp kids.

Our Collegiates and Senior campers are back home after their awesome trips to Great Wolf Lodge and Hershey Park. It was a perfect summer day and all are sung back in their bunks as everyone is looking forward to late wake up tomorrow!!!!  The GC’s enjoyed their last day in Phoenix and are headed home and we can’t wait to hear all about their amazing trip they just took. Our CIT’s spent their day off seeing relaxing at a national park, a little shopping and ending their night at the movies.  It just doesn’t get better than this for our Chenny kids!! It was busy and fun trip day for our oldest campers who love the trips but nothings quite like coming back home… We are just waiting for our GC’s to arrive back in the morning, and for our Supers who are having a blast in Virginia to come back on Thursday and then this Chenny family will be complete again.

Chenny out