A Summer To Remember

It was rise and shine for our Super kids as they got an early start to their day and off they went for the 4 day adventure to Virginia Beach. They were giddy with excitement as they boarded the buses bound for an incredible trip they had ahead of them. Then no too long after then it was our Seniors who were gathering in center camp for their overnight in Hershey Park. When you get to travel with your camp family is just plain awesomeness. From the bus ride to the attractions to sleeping in a hotel, it is just so much fun when you are with your campies. Overnight trips brings us closer as division and a camp family. It is inevitable that when the buses roll back into camp after a group has an overnight, they get off the bus all saying the same thing, “We had the best time…We laughed for hours…We had no idea he or she was so funny…That was the best trip.” We know this year will be no different and look forward to seeing the closer bonds each group will come back with.

Win or loose our Chenny kids love playing the sports they love to play.

Girls Gymnastic Tourney @ Bryn Mawr – CAW places 8th out of 13 competing teams

Freshmen/Junior Boys Basketball (Gold) – CAW 10 @ Tioga 32

Middy Boys Baseball (White) CAW 5 vs. Tioga 1

Collegiate Boys Baseball (Gold) – CAW 12 @ Westmont 13

It was Round Robin tonight for the Cherokee and Mohican kids at camp tonight with all of Navajo out of camp. The Freshmen/Junior and Inter Boys had a true Inter-camp night as they went to Camp Westmont for a Soccer tourney. Freshmen girls spent their night making chocolate in The Cookhouse while our Junior girls had a beach bonfire with s’mores, stories and songs. Middy boys enjoyed a night time pool party as the Middy girls were busy with Cake Wars in The Lodge. The Inter girls spent their night in the Chen-A-Plex in jammies and a great flick. The Collegiate boys played Cranium in Shields Hall as the Collegiate girls had a ball playing powder puff football under the lights.

Our GC’s are still West and their trip is winding down in Phoenix. It’s time for a little rest and relaxation for these campers have one more day on their trip of a lifetime. Looks like all the Chenny kids are loving’ life and having a summer they won’t soon forget.

Chenny out