Just Another Perfect Day In Paradise

It was a hot one today so most of our activities were focused around getting wet and in the water. The pool and lake were the place to be today and campers loved every minute of it. When the heat rises, nothing is better than spending your day in your swimsuit. The Zone was a busy place as well as water balloon fights all day long. It was a just an amazing fun day full of happy wet campers.

If you haven’t gotten into the rainbow loom craze, its here and it’s in full force. We have tons of sets in Arts & Crafts for campers to use and create great bracelets and necklaces. I sat with a group of girls who were making them for their counselors and was inspired by a conversation between the girls. As they were each making a bracelet for the counselors, they were discussing how much they loved and adored them and as one camper so beautifully stated, “I want to make my counselor as happy and she makes me.” This struck a cord and is the essence of that wonderful relationship that occurs between camper and counselor. Where in life can a young person receive an uninterrupted amount of positive attention from an 18-22 year old? This friendship provides such guidance and comfort and is so different from any other relationship. Our counselors are there for your children. They listen to them without judgment, they are present and patient and they can get your kids to make their bed for 7 weeks with ease. A fete that is difficult for us parents but they do it with effortless enthusiasm. So these campers got it, they knew how special their counselors are and those rainbow loom bracelets weren’t just a combination of colored rubber bands but instead they represented a symbol of gratitude for this very special friendship.

We all got dressed up in our coolest Bohemian hipster outfits and rocked out tonight at this evening’s mid summer social. It was East Village meets Brooklyn and we were chillin’. The music was bumpin’ and we danced the night away. It was one awesome night. We Cha Cha Slided then Harlem Shaked and of course we Cotton Eye Joed. The party was awesome and the campers had an absolute blast. Oh what a night, a perfect summer night…

Chenny Out