Back in the Groove

It was right back to the fun after one amazing visiting day. There is a sense of calmness or maybe the word I’m looking for is better defined as comfort but the feeling here we are all experiencing is just the feeling of being home. This is our home for the next 4 weeks and we have all beautifully settled in and created a true safe haven here. There are no pressures or chaos just opportunities to grow and expand ourselves. There is in abundance of support and creative outlets. There is a safety net here and we catch those who fall.

As a Middy boy tried the trapeze for the first time today, you could see his hesitation and nerves but he mustered up all his strength and headed up that ladder. He reached out and trusted the circus counselor who had a hold of his harness as he reached out to grab the bar. With one deep breath, he stepped off the ledge and flew. Like this experience of camp, he trusted someone else to hold him when he was frightened and then after soaring back and forth on that giant trapeze, he let go and that huge net below provided safety as he dropped. That net is all of us here. We are each a piece of the net that catches each other. It so easy to see how in the past 3 weeks we have all unplugged, connected to each other and have provided that human connection that makes us better people.

Our athletes had a fun day of games today as one camper perfectly said it all after losing her soccer game, “I’ve never had so much fun loosing a game.”

Girls 7th Grade LAX – CAW 8 vs. Indian Head 6

Girls 8th Grade Soccer – CAW 11 vs. Island Lake 0

Girls 9th Grade Tennis – CAW 3 vs. Lavi 2

Girls 10th 11th Grade Soccer – CAW 2 vs. Wayne 6

Boys 4th/5th/6th Grade LAX – CAW 4 vs Wayne 6 * Wayne forfeited this game due to tournament rules they violated – CAW moves on to quarter finals

Boys 9th Grade Baseball – CAW 15 vs. Lohikan 0

Boys 10th/11th Grade Basketball – CAW 55 vs. Morasha 70

Boys 10th /11th Grade Soccer – CAW 4 vs. Indian Head 9

It was Chenny Idol Fever tonight as our Top 5 finalists were announced. Congratulations to our amazing vocalists her at Chenny.  You are one step closer to being named Chenny Idol 2013


Julia Bromley

Daniel Gur

Ally Heller

Max Rovner & Matt Leviss

Carly Wills, Cami Oresky, Alexis Ash, Maci Rubenstein & Amanda Behrens

We spent tonight watching our annual Powder Puff Game; GC’s vs. Wanderers. It was an awesome night under the stars relaxing watching our most spirited powder puff game ever. The game was fun, intense and entertaining and ended in a tie. Just another amazing day at our favorite place we call home.

Chenny Out