Feeling the Love Today…..

We have all seen the viral video of families running to get their campers as the whistle blows on visiting day.. What that video missed to show, was the intense emotion as you embraced your child after being without them for the past three weeks. The joy, actually it was pure elation you had as you held them close again. It is such a privilege to watch you embrace your children and the sweetness of that moment never gets old. The tears, the smiles from the heart and the “oh my god, you’ve grown” are truly magical from our vantage point. Not a dry eye as we watched your son leap into your arms or your daughter hug you so tight she didn’t want to let go. You have given your children their wings and for the last three weeks they have flown, actually soared.

These past three weeks, they have overcome homesickness, worked out issues with friends, found their voice, discovered their independence and proved to themselves they are stronger than they thought. That is why you sent to them to us and we hope today you had a brief glimpse to the wonderful life they have created here at Chen-A-Wanda.

We hope you enjoyed your day and truly appreciate all of your support. We are having the best time here with your kids and hope you left today seeing just how special this place is and how much we all love doing what we do. It is a joy getting up to bugles and playing with your children all day long. We have four more weeks of pure bliss here and we aren’t going to waste a moment of it. Continue enjoying the pictures and videos of what is to come because one thing is for sure we will be having a ball up here and loving every minute.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making today so special and being a part of our Chenny Family.

Chenny Out