Terrific Trip Day Tuesday

We all love being at camp but leaving on our excursions is over the top fun and today definitely delivered.

Our Cherokee Campers (Freshman, Juniors and Middies) spent their day at Leahy’s Fun Zone and played arcade games, went go-karting, had a ball in the batting cages and loved the incredible mini-golf course. Then just when the campers thought it couldn’t get much better than that, it was off to the bowling alley. After bowling and having a blast it was back to camp for dinner. We packed so much into today for our Cherokee campers and they loved every minute of it.

Mohikan Campers (Inters & Collegiates) spent today cooling off at Camel Beach. It was water ride after water ride and we had some very happy Mohikan campers today. The sun was hot but we were cool.  As the sun set, it was dinner at the park then back to camp.  What could better than that? Not much.

Navajo Campers (Seniors, Supers & GC’s) spent their day at Cooperstown. Not only did they visit the Baseball Hall of Fame but they made it more exciting with a preplanned all Chenny scavenger hunt in the museum. It was an absolutely amazing day spent with absolutely amazing people.  They got to explore the cute town in Cooperstown, ate and shopped. Trips like these are awesome but doing them with your friends makes the remarkable.

A privilege to be a Wanderer is that they get to decide where they go on Tuesdays so they all agreed and started their day at Bingham’s for breakfast then it was off the The Crossings and Windsors for dinner. And to top off the night, they went to the movies. There was little down time today and why should there be? Our Wanderers want to take advantage of every minute as they are at the mid-way mark to their very last summer as a camper.

We didn’t post yesterday’s scores to the tons of games our Chenny athletes played.  So the following results were from yesterday.

Girls 6th Grade Soccer – CAW 0 vs. Morasha 2

Girls 8th Grade Softball – CAW 17 vs. Shoshanim

Boys 3rd/4th Basketball – CAW 18 vs. Starlight 27

Boys 6th 7th Grade Tennis- CAW vs. Tyeler Hill – CAW Lost 6th & 7th Grade doubles but won 6th and 7th Grade singles

Boys 7th Grade Soccer – CAW 4 vs. Lavi 1

Boys 9th Grade Tennis – CAW 3 vs. Westmont 2

Boys 10th/11th Grade Volleyball – Single Day Tourney at Island Lake. Chenny lost in the finals to Indian Head by 2 points. We played phenomenally and had a great time.

Boys 10th/11th Grade Soccer – CAW 4 vs. Indian Head 8

As we all enjoyed our day and were separated by where we all went, in the end we all came back together and are safely back in our summer home. As much fun as today was, we all are looking forward to our day tomorrow with a brunch wake-up followed by CARNIVAL!!!!!! Each day is better than next here.

It’s lights out and all campers are sleeping soundly. There is nothing better than a camp full of safe and sound sleeping campers that just spent a whole day enjoying themselves.

Chenny Out