Girls Rocked the Rec Hall with Girls Sing

What a great day we all had here today. Campers and staff were in a great mood and there was fun energy around camp. We live in our own little world up here and as we are four weeks in, it feels like there is nothing beyond our gates. It’s strange to think that just a month ago many of us just met each other for the first time and now we are connected forever.

These friendships we develop are powerful beyond imagination. They provide support in times of need. They inspire us to do things we may have never thought possible and they fill our hearts with a connection that lasts forever. The friends we make here are the reasons why we keep coming back.

There were great games being played today and our athletes were playing hard. Here are today’s scores:

Middy Boys Basketball Going to the FINALS!! – CAW 35 vs. Chestnut Lake 14

Inter Girls Softball – CAW 16 vs. Westmont 12

Collegiate Girls Basketball – CAW 22 vs. Nesher 5

Senior Boys Tennis – CAW 0 vs. Towanda 5

Senior/Super Boys Softball – CAW 7 vs. Westmont 5

GC/CIT& Wait Girls Basketball – CAW 28 vs. Nesher 17

GC/Waiter Boys Hockey – CAW 1 vs. Tyler Hill 7

The buzz around camp today was all about Girls Sing. This is a long-standing Chen-A-Wanda tradition and girl’s camp was busy today making sure they were ready. Each division performed a dance and a song. They made fantastic costumes and rehearsed and rehearsed all in hopes to get the votes from the judges who would hold their fate to get the win tonight. There is one winner from lower camp and one from upper. The show was amazingly entertaining and this could have been the best Girls Sing in CAW history. The costumes, the songs, the spirit and the pride were insane tonight.

They all were so creative and entertained the entire camp tonight. We loved the show! Our Girls Rocked the Rec Hall!!!

Fresh Princesses of Bellaire

Junior Mints

Midnight in Paris

Inters Get a Clue

Collegiates in Camelot

Seniors Stone Age


GC’s go to Pandora

CIT/Waits Enter the Wild

The decision was hard but tonight’s lower camp winner went to our Middies with their awesome dance and song, as it was Midnight in Paris. Way to go girls!! They could take this show on the road. Simply Magnifique!!!

Upper camp went to our Collegiates who took us on a journey to Camelot. There were Jesters, Ladies in Waiting, Queens, Kings and Knights. Their song stole the show. With so much meaning behind every verse, the judges gave them the well- deserved win tonight!!

Girls Sing is all about the bonds we make here and the way we open our hearts to each other. The words they sing reflect the importance each one of them has on one other. It is a night to celebrate the bonds we make and the genuineness of our friendships. A night to remember as Girls Sing 2011 was Outstanding!!!

Chenny out