A Break In The Heat

We got a much-needed break today from the heat and it felt great. It was breezy and crisp up here. The rain came for a bit and cooled us off even more. The fog rolled in off the mountains and it was breathtaking. It was a fabulous day outside and we took advantage of every second. Breathing in the crisp mountain air, there is nothing like it.

Our campers were all looking forward to their trips this afternoon. Excitement was in the air with each division anticipating great times ahead.

The Freshmen, Juniors and Middies had a ball at their bowling party. They had the place to themselves and loved it. They ate, played arcade games, hung out with their friends and bowled. What could be better than that? An absolutely awesome night!

The Inters and Collegiates enjoyed a night out at the movies. There were so many great summer blockbusters to choose from, it was hard to make a choice. They snacked on popcorn and watched a flick of their choice surrounded by friends. A great summer night at the movie theater.

It was off to Hershey for the Senior overnight trip. They were all so excited as they boarded the bus, looking forward to a great night at the hotel and a full day at the park tomorrow. They know that when they wake up to the sweet smell of chocolate, they’ve arrived at Hershey Park. What an absolutely fabulous day they have ahead of them!!

The Supers, GC’s, CIT’ and Waits stayed back at camp as they prepare for their Big 3 Day Trip. They head to Boston first thing in the morning and cannot wait to get there. They have an exciting schedule full of great Boston highlights to see and some fun and places to go.

As tradition at CAW strikes again, the CIT’s and Waits spent the evening doing their Road Rally. Teams were made and the giant camp wide scavenger hunt began. This event officially kicks off the Big Trip!!! After the Rally, it was into the Dining Hall for an ice cream party. A sweet end to a great night for our oldest campers.

Everyone is back at camp safely and sleeping soundly. Just another successful day in this place we call our summer home!! How can this end in just 3 weeks?

Chenny out