It feels good to be home for the summer!!!

As the buses rolled in and each camper got off the bus they were greeted with open arms, hugs and high fives. The sun was shining bright today on all of us. It’s the first day of camp and you could feel the energy from here too the moon. Our returning campers jumped into the arms of their friends and counselors with tears of joy running down their faces. It is what they have been looking forward to all year long. I heard one camper say to her friend as she jumped from the bus into her friends arms, “It’s really happening, we are back home and we are together all summer long – I am so happy.” Then they hugged one another so tight and ran off holding hands. The pure joy they find in each others friendship was authentic, real and profound. It is why they keep coming back to this magical place, for one another. It was a day that felt good from our toes to our the top of our head. Smiles came from the heart and it was plain as day that Camp Chen-A-Wanda was full of love today.

Our new campers had wonder in their eyes as they saw what was in store for them. They were greeted with a big warm embrace and you could see their excitement as their journey has just begun. There is just so much positive energy and joy here, it just doesn’t seem real but it is. It is exactly what you want your kids to feel and experience all summer long and it’s just day one. After our lice checks, it was playtime and our fields and courts were full of campers running around playing. Exactly what we want our children to do. No stress, no tests, no chaotic schedules. They are in a beautiful place experiencing nature in its purest form and your children are filling their tanks with friendships that matter, kindness that is contagious and a peacefulness that is just indescribable.

There is nothing quite like a meal in the Lodge and tonight was insane. The music was bumping and your children stood up on their tables and sang without fear of being judged. They let go and embraced the Chenny spirit tonight. We danced, sang and ate. Everyone in the Lodge felt it and it felt GREAT. Then it was off to Shields hall to kick summer 2016 with our first evening activity. The hall was packed and the energy from the Lodge just transferred to Shields Hall. It was an incredible day. One that we all won’t forget. An absolutely perfect day. Lights are out and all are sleeping safe and sound. Summer 2016 is off to one amazing start! Thank you for giving us your children for the summer, they give this place its heartbeat.

Chenny out.


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