We’re not dreaming – We’re really here!!

The bugle rang at 7:45am and reville rang throughout camp waking everyone up to start our amazing day. The sun shined bright and the day was off to a great start. Imagine where you begin your day and everyone is in a good mood, skipping to breakfast in your jammies, smiling from ear to ear while everyone you pass says good morning and have a great day. That is real and that happens here at Chenny. There is just no way to explain how happy we all are to be here and it starts as soon as we all wake up. This is how your children begin their day and the vibe of happy positive feelings is everywhere. You can’t escape it and it feels so good.

It was a full day of activities and camp was hopping.┬áCampers spent their entire day playing. What could be better than that? Outside, in the sun playing with their friends and counselors and loving every minute of it. It felt like a million miles away from our kids sitting in front of the T.V., eyes glued to their phones, disconnected from the world. They were engaged with one another laughing and playing. Exactly what kids need to do. When we take those devices away, they soar. No texting one another but talking to each other. It was a sight you want to see everyday and for the next 49 days, this is where your kids live – In a world where they are connected to the people around them in a very meaningful and profound way.

For our Cherokee (Freshman, Junior and Middies) and Mohican (Inters and Collegiates) campers, they enjoyed an amazing evening activity in Shields Hall. Audiobody dazzled our kids with their light drum show. The kids were engaged and entertained. It was just awesome. Our Navajo campers had optional evening activities as some spent their night having a beach bonfire, eating s’mores and hanging out while the other Navajo campers enjoyed their evening in our new canteen just spending time with one another, being social and ┬áhaving a perfect summer night. It was a spectacular day and your kids are having an amazing start to their summer. Best news yet, we get to do this all again tomorrow!!!

Chenny out.

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