Color War Day One-derful!

There was excitement throughout camp as everyone was psyched to get the first day of color war underway. There was a sea of painted faces, Red & Gold pom poms, crazy wigs and lots of tutus. The spirit was running high and everyone was ready to go. It was off to the lower field for some crazy tugs of war. The coolest part of tugs of war isn’t the win or loss; it’s the visible sign on each campers face as to how bad they want it. It is effort, it is dedication, it is hard work and it is being a part of something bigger than you.  It is the essence of teamwork.

It was a great day full of Color War battle playing softball, newcomb, flag football, BBG, basketball, soccer, baseball, GaGa & steal the bacon.  There is a lot on the line and every game matters. From our Freshman to our CIT’s, you play a part in every single point for your team. There is so much team spirit and support here. It’s all about sportsmanship, effort, heart and soul. What you put into these games, you get out tenfold.

It was Red vs. Gold for mass games tonight as all of girls side played a mass game of BBG while boy’s side played mass softball. After mass games, it was Contest Night and it was fun. Lower camp raced inside Shields Hall as they had balloon races, tunnel crawls, potato sack races and dizzy bat races. While upper camp raced outside Shields Hall on the basketball court with their fun and outrageous races of hippity hop, flying turtles and dizzy lizzies. The music was bumpin’ and the campers were so spirited that we just couldn’t help but have the biggest dance party ever. Even though we are in a battle, Red and Gold together were dancing & singing because the fun here just doesn’t stop.

Both teams have proven how badly they want to win Color War and it’s only the first day. From intense psych speeches to all day chants and cheers, both Red & Gold are bringing everything they have to this Color War. This is looking to be one epic battle!

Even though we have just began Color War, camp is coming to an end and we are only one week away from our last day here and we plan to make every moment count. The energy in this place is off the hook. We hope the pictures and videos can truly translate what is happening behind our gates.

We battle on tomorrow!

Chenny out