Camp Is Here

Dear Chenny Families,

It’s the day before you send your kids off to us, and we wanted you to know how excited we are here at Chenny to see them in just 24 hours. Our staff is absolutely incredible. They are the most spirited, fun, talented, kind, and all-around great people who cannot wait to spend their summer with your children. We have had an epic orientation getting ready for your kids, and WE ARE READY! The energy on camp is incredible, and your kids are walking into a world full of positivity and insane camp spirit and about to have an enormous amount of fun.

The journey you have set your kids on is the right one; we will take it from here. We are ready, excited, and cannot wait to see their faces as they walk off that bus. Their beds are ready, clothes are all put away, and we are officially ready for Summer 2023. All we need are your incredible kids, and then our journey begins.

Our goal this summer is to Make an Impact, and with the team we have, an impact will most definitely be made. Your kids will try new things this summer. They will laugh a lot this summer. They will make new friends this summer. They will become more independent this summer. They will be silly this summer. They will play this summer. They will be out in nature this summer. They will not be on any device this summer. They will feel connected to a community that will make them feel welcomed and accepted this summer. They will love singing and dancing on the tables in the Lodge this summer. They will have the most fantastic time this summer.

We have a lot to get to, and it all starts tomorrow. After four very long years, it is our joy to say WE WILL SEE YOU AT VISITING DAY!!!

Life is Great at Camp Chen-A-Wanda.

Jon & Elissa