Our House Is Full

What an incredible day it was. Perfect in every way. Though rain was in our forecast, as soon as the buses rolled into camp those grey clouds literally parted and out came the sun. It was miraculous and of course the sun was shining bright at Chenny today because your kids arrived!! They jumped off those buses and summer began. The music, the welcome posters, the chants, the cheers, the hugs, and the energy, made today magical. Everyone felt the excitement and it was incredible.

It didn’t take long for new friendships to be made. Everywhere you look, the reasons why you send your children to camp were in full display. A whole bunch of new people have just entered you child’s world and their arms are wide open. Everyone looked so happy to be here, from our CIT’s on the Hill to the cutest, tiniest freshman. We all share the same goal – To have the most incredible summer together!

In true Chenny tradition, we all enjoyed spaghetti and meatballs for dinner and of course a giant dance party was happening in The Lodge. Your kids sang at the top of their lungs. They stood on the tables as they danced and sang. Boys side and  girls side, they all were ready for the first dinner and they brought the energy. It was off the charts amazing.   After dinner, everyone headed to Shields Hall for our opening night. A packed house, full of spirit and excitement was where you kids spent their evening. The smiles on their faces said it all. It was an absolutely perfect evening that kicked off Summer. 2023. So off we go to have the summer of our lives and as I told them tonight, they all deserve what is in front of them – A summer that will leave a mark on their hearts forever and it is our absolute pleasure and honor to provide that for your children. Our team is ready and we truly don’t know who is more excited, the staff or the campers.

Enjoy your summer and we will take it from here. Thank you for your support and belief in us and we hope to send your kids back in 49 days a bit more independent, more self confident, capable to navigate through things that challenge them, with a ton more friends and memories that last throughout their lifetime.