A Picture Perect Day

We all got back into our regular schedules after a fantastic weekend of family visits. It was back to the joy of our regular activities and programs.  We were excited to have so many Rookies here for the day and they too got into the action. We couldn’t keep them from The Zone, Trapeze and Aqua Park. It was great to have them here.

We had another picturesque day up here at Chen-A-Wanda. You could actually feel the great mood all around camp. It was just one of those days that felt great to be here. A spectacular day!

We ended the evening watching JL Lanhans dance troop wow us with their hip hop moves and sizzling show. It was fun to see them dance and we all got into the action as we conga lined around the Rec Hall. A great ending to a fabulous weekend.

It’s official.. the second half of camp has begun. We hold onto every moment we spend together. The friendships made in these first three weeks and the memories that have been created will last forever. Thank goodness we have four more weeks to spend with each other this summer. It’s just that amazing here.

Chenny out.