Week One Done

Our first week of Summer ’17 is in the books and it was incredible start. Campers are in their groove and have acclimated to their sumer home and what better way to end the week than with honoring our Campers of the Week. We love highlighting these outstanding campers who have gone above and beyond and achieved this incredible honor. We wish you could see the look on their faces as their Group Leader stands up and shares with everyone why this camper is so deserving of this recognition. It is pure joy and a pride that you can actaully feel. Congratulations to our first Campers of the Week for Summer ’17. You earned it!!

Freshman – Livia Sherman & Max Coffman

Juniors – Emma Erlich & Ian Cotler

Middies – Audrey Winter & Jacob Coffman

Inters – Dylan Yonover,Brooke Bortnick & Ben Selter

Collegiates – Emily Weprin & Jake Gold, Ethan Schwartz

Seniors – Rachel Farhi & Alex Levine

Supers -Natalie Blee & Andrew Grisack

GC’s – Ava Kreshover & Benji Herzog

CIT’s – Sara Kay & Matt Rosen

Our kids are having a ball playing ball. Here are the sports scores from the day:

                   Inter Girls Basketball – CAW 40 vs. Poyntelle 19

Collegiate Girls Tennis – CAW 3 @ Lohikan 2

Senior Girls Tennis – CAW 3 @ Wayne for Girls 2

GC/GIT Basketball – CAW 12 @ Tioga 23

Freshman/Junior Boys Soccer – CAW 10 @ Lohikan 2

Freshman/Junior Boys Basketball – CAW 33 vs. Poyntelle 8

GC/CIT Boys Soccer – CAW 10 @ Poyntelle 0

The night ended with a bit of rain and at the very last minute we had to reschedule our GC/CIT Powder Puff Game. Kids were dressed head-to-toe, psyched up, faces painted and ready to go but with very little warning, the rain moved in. Rather than being upset with this last minute change in plans, your kids rolled with it. The campers who know me, know my motto and it is ingrained in every camper here at Chenny. I ask them to be the River, not the Rock. As choosing to be the River allows us to go with the flow no matter what we face and how disappointed we may be. The River is always moving forward allowing us to see things we may not ever see if we lived life as the Rock. Living as the River is a choice and tonight no matter how disappointed the kids were that were so excited for Powder Puff, they chose to be the River. The lessons they learn here, the things they face here make them better, more tolerant and more patient human beings.

Chenny out.