Wanda Wednesday

The campers enjoyed their trip day out of camp on Tuesday and spent today doing what we all do best, LOVING CAMP! I hope the pictures and videos we post do justice to how it feels living here all summer long. It’s just joyful and easy. There was a great feeling here on camp today. Campers are in their stride and have beautifully settled in. Today was one of those days that felt relaxed and content. Maybe we were all exhausted from Olympics and yesterdays trip day but being on camp today just felt great and there was a complete chill vibe happening at camp. One of those summer days you just don’t want to end.

“You have to take a leap before you can fly.” Anonymous 

Middy Boys Hockey  – CAW 3 @ Wayne 12

GC/CIT Boys Basketball  CAW 46 vs Wayne 51
Collegiate Boys Baseball  CAW 2 @ Wayne 7
FR/JR Girls Soccer  CAW 1 vs Westmont 2
It was Awards night and it is always joyful as we call out our Campers of the week. To be recognized in front our peers, friends and entire camp family stays with you. It is a pride that you can see on the faces of each camper who gets called up and praised for the outstanding week this camper has had. These kids are recognized for both their inspiring attitudes and great character. It’s an honor we love to highlight. Congratulations to our Campers of the Week.
Freshman –  Girls side: Lily Schwartz & Charli Houlis / Boys side:Beni Spivak & Zach Adler
Juniors –  Girls side: Stephanie Sklar & Sammy Capon/ Boys side: Hudson Greenstein & Drew Fischer
Middies – Girls side: Emma Rice & Eden Levine / Boys side:Cooper Offerman & Ethan Marin
Inters – Girls side: Khloe Soberer & Brooke Yecies / Boys side: Logan Shapiro & Liam Kupferschmidt
Collegites – Girls side: Lyla Goldstein & Eve Lindenauer / Boys side: Brandon Worth & Ashton Nadel
Seniors – Away at Hershey Park
Supers – Girls Side: Hadley Cohen & Sydney Cahn/ Boys side: Ethan Mallah & Owen Isaabson
GC’s – Girls side: Jolie Krieger & Rebecca Stulberger / Boys side: Jordan Tave & Aidan Schissler
CIT’s- Girls side: Carly Barca & Sammi Leon / Boys side:Brandon Witz & Jason Kimmelman
The Seniors just rolled back into camp after their amazingly delicious trip to Hershey Park. The air there smelled like chocolate, the rides were exhilarating and the company was even better. It was a chocolatey success and now we are all back in safe and sound at Chenny. Looking forward to a brunch wake-up tomorrow because It’s carnival day!!! Just keeps getting better and better!