Visiting Day

It was our Virtual Visiting Day and it was a success. It was joyful getting to watch your campers face when they got to go through their visiting day box with you at home. The candy and gifts and a piece from home made today that more special. Kids were bringing their goodie box back to their bunk to share with their friends and every bunk was stacked with yummy food and awesome gifts.  It was a different kind of Visiting Day and yes we are all so excited to have camp full again with our visiting families but for today, it was just great. From inside camp, your kids were so excited to see you at home and share all their adventures and experiences with you. They loved their goodie boxes  full of candy and other fun things you put in their but seeing your faces was all they needed. We wanted you to have those moments with your kids that allowed you enough time to hear all the incredible things they are doing this summer and all the amazing people who have entered their life. There is an entire group of people here who adore your kids and though this summer, you wont have the opportunity to meet them and hear all about how much they care for your children but believe us when we say, they do! We want nothing more than to return a normal visiting day next summer but grateful to be able to provide your kids with the experience you had today.  We also hope you enjoyed the bunk videos we created for you to get a glimpse of your kids counselors and their bunks too. We know how important  it is for you to see who is caring for your kids and where they sleep.

Tonight was as incredible as the day was. It was an ideal perfect summer night for a camp favorite event, Chenny Jam.. The excitement around Chenny Jam is undeniable. It is Boys Side vs. Girls Side – It is Pink vs. Black – It is energy and it is a camp favorite. It is everything the NBA ALl-Star offers but just here in our backyard. And our halftime show was insane. Our very talented School of Rock staff gave us an entertaining halftime show that got everyone up on their feet. After rocking out to their incredible show, Middy camper Morgan Fischer took the mic led the band with a performance that was just incredible. She may be a little thing but she sure does have one giant voice. It is a night that stands out as a summer favorite and not a camper at tonight’s game had anything but an INCREDIBLE time. One of those nights that you can’t sit down because standing and dancing makes way more sense. The fun was over the top and then of course there was the game. It was all staff playing and all camp cheering. Tonight’s Win went to BOYS SIDE!!! Everyone dressed in black went nuts as they celebrated boys side officially winning Chenny Jam ’22. A great day and then a great night.. It doesn’t get better than that 🙂