The morning was spent enjoying all the activities. Fields and courts were full of happy kids. The sun was out and it was a hot one. We loved splashing in the pool, jumping on the water trampoline and tubing on the Big Mable. Ask your camper about Big Mable when you chat with your camper on your virtual call or zoom. Kids just cant get enough of tubing on the lake. The boats and paddle boards were all in use today and there is nothing quite like seeing the lake full of happy kids. It was just an amazing morning full of play, play and more play. What a beautiful day we had.

“There will be wins and there will be loses. Expect it. Just don’t ever quit.”  – Magic Johnson
-FR/JR Boys Baseball  CAW 1 vs Wayne 11
– Middy Boys Basketball CAW 34 @ Lavi 44
-Inter Boys Softball CAW 3 vs Equinunk 8
-Collegiate Boys LAX CAW 4 @ Wayne 12
-Supers Boys Basketball CAW 38 @ Lavi 60
-GC/CIT Boys LAX CAW 11 @ Wayne.  9
-GC/CIT Boys Tennis  CAW 4 vs Island Lake 1
-Senior Girls Tennis CAW 0 @ Westmont 5
-GC/CIT Girls LAX CW 10 vs CAW Wayne 13
-GC/CIT Girls tennis CAW 2 vs Starlight 3
Listen to my voice and only my voice, says the hypnotist. That is how our hilarious night started inside Shields Hall as our camp favorite hypnotist put a trance on some of counselors. The campers loved watching their counselors bark like dogs and dance across the stage like Britany Spears. After our hypnotized staff lost all inhibition, the hypnotist would snap his fingers and asleep they would go. If you are a doubter, tonight would have changed your mind. The staff who went under were definitely hypnotized and the kids loved seeing their counselors do funny great things on stage. It was a night full of laughs, giggles and fun. Another home run of a night as the kids were flying high excited to see you all at tomorrow virtual visiting day.