Tuesday Trip Day

It was trip day here at Chenny and the kids had a ball. There was rain in the forecast so it was all indoor fun for our kids. The day was full of movies, skating, trampolines and more!

Cherokee Campers ( Freshman, Junior and Middies) headed off to the movies in the morning to catch a summer blockbuster.  Then in the afternoon, these cuties had the greatest time rollerskating and lazer tag at a nearby skate rink. It was old school fun for our youngest campers. They rolled back into camp and it was pizza party time followed by a giant Bingo game. It was a perfect day, rain and all!!

Inters spent their day at Skyzone jumping around on trampolines, flipping through their morning followed by a movie. As the Inters rolled off the bus when they got back to camp, the campers had smiles from ear to ear and were exhausted from a full day of play.

Our Collegiates had an amazing day at Great Wolf Lodge. They absolutely loved their day at this incredible indoor water park. They spent an entire day on water rides, lazy rivers and wave pools. There wasn’t a camper who didn’t return with a huge smile on their face and wolf ears on the head. It’s a thing when you come back from Great Wolf Lodge. When the campers were walking back to their bunks, every collegiate was howling. It was howlarious!!!!

The Seniors started their day at the movies followed by an afternoon and at Skyzone. It was a perfect rainy day Tuesday trip. When they returned to camp, so many campers ran over to me asking if we can put Skyzone on their trip schedule for next summer. One camper said to me, “This trip was my favorite, ever.” and when I asked why, she said “Two words, Mama Mia followed by jumping around, I mean that is a perfect day.” Enough said.

The Supers are still loving their Boston trip and spent their day touring Fenway Park and Quincy Market. It was everything Boston and it was everything awesome. Our kids are moving through their journey with eyes wide open and arms open wide. This trip has been incredible for our super Supers!! More to come for these kids tomorrow with a visit to Harvard Sqaure.

The GC’s have made it to their final locale and are resting and relaxing on Phoenix. They are lounging by the pool and soaking in the last few days of their trip of a lifetime. It is really good to be a GC.

Rain or no rain, our kids know how to have a great time. Life is still Great at CAW.

Chenny out