Trip Day Thursday!!

The morning started with all the kids getting ready of their day off camp. There was a buzz in their as campers were scurrying around in the gold trip shirts, so excited to venture out of our bubble.

Our Navajo campers (seniors, supers and GC’s) were lathered up with sunscreen and they boarded the buses for their journey to the roaring rapids. They were headed to their white water trip and were excited to face the river. They all jumped in boast and battled the rapids. They rowed, they bumped and bounced and they made memories that will forever stay with them. It was an experience that they had with their camp family and it was an awesome day for our oldest campers.

Cherokee and Mohican Camp (freshman, juniors, middies, inters & collegiates) had a great day at the ballpark. They all headed to watch the New York Yankees AAA team Scranton RailRiders. It was a perfect day filled with hot dogs, funnel cake and of course watching a great ball game. The game went into extra innings and it was a nail biter with the RailRiders cinching the win in the 11th inning. After this perfect afternoon at the ballpark, it was back to camp for a pizza party and a movie. An absolutely perfect summer day for our younger campers.

Our CIT’s had an incredible day as they visited Syracuse University, went shopping at a nearby mall, eating out all day long and spending an incredible day with their camp family. They came back with arms full of fun stuff they purchased along the way. It was a great first day off for our oldest campers.

There was so much excitement for the kids first trip out of camp but there is just nothing like coming back home. As each bus rolled back into camp, and campers got of the buses all with smiles on their faces, exhaustion from head-to-toe I overheard one camper say to another “I am so glad to be home” . This is their home!

All campers are safe sound back at Chenny, sleeping peacefully from a day well spent.

Chenny out.