Trip Day Finale

This is it, our last trip day for Summer 2022. Crazy to think that there are only 11 days left to our magical summer at Camp Chen-A-Wanda.

Our Freshman, Juniors and Middies had the most fun filled packed trip day of the summer. They started their day at Leahy’s fun park where they played in the coolest arcade, zipped around in go-karts and had a ball in the bumper water boats. The fun just continued as the kids went ice skating. It was so much fun and a highlight for the kids was when the Zamboni cleaned the ice. The kids started cheering with excitement. The Chenny spirit was flying high today. After the took of their skates, it was off to the movies to catch the latest summer blockbusters. The kids munched on popcorn and relaxed in their seats. The day was long and so much was packed into their last trip day of the summer. Our little ones had the greatest day. Where do you get to play in an arcade and go-karting, ice skate followed by a movie??? Chenny is where!!

The Inters, Collegiate’s, Seniors, Supers & GC’s loved their day spent at Dorney Park and LOVED it. Nothing is better than amusement parks in the summer with your best friends. It was a day full of roller coasters, log rides, park food, belly laughs and memories that will last forever. What could be better than that? The kids rolled into camp late tonight and got off the buses with huge smiles and even bigger stuffed animals they won at the park. There are some things that truly define our summers and experiencing amusement parks with your campies is one of them.

The CIT’s had their last trip spent  all together at Hershey Park. What could possibly be better than spending a day at Hershey with your camp besties. It was rollercoasters and chocolate. This group went on this trip when they were Seniors and now as they face the last 11 days of their camper career, it was back to a place they loved when they were 13 years old. As their bus rolled into camp tonight, they all knew that was the last time they would do this as a division.

There is a feeling here this summer unlike other summers. Maybe it was the desire to get back to normal. Maybe it was the feeling of freedom without thinking about covid all the time. Maybe it was having an incredible staff that included all our international friends that couldn’t come for the past 2 years. Maybe it was having trips again and inter camp tournaments. And maybe it was combination of all of the above but whatever it was, it was incredible. We have 11 more days and lots more to do. But tonight all the kids are safely back from their trips, exhausted from a day spent well and excited for what’s around the corner. 1…2…3…4.. they want color war 🙂

Life is so GREAT at Camp Chen-A-Wanda