Circus Came To Town

This is time of the summer when the days are on hyper speed and what we we do to make time slow down. With Girls Sing behind us and only a week and a half to go that only means one thing – Color War is approaching and you can feel the excitement building. There was a plane that passed over camp and that sparked the color war fever, wondering if it’s today. There is an anticipation that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The plane wasn’t for us, not today at least. Everyone will have to wait just a bit longer until our color war breaks out. But that doest stop the insane anticipation for what is the best part of camp, COLOR WAR!!!

A huge congratulations to our Champions. Their game today vs. Wayne was a nail biter and our girls prevailed with the win!

GC CIT Girls Softball wins Championship!! Р CAW 11 @ Wayne 10

All eyes were on our amazing Circus show tonight. That was the highlight of art entire day. The campers who performed in tonights show worked so hard all summer long and it showed. It was incredible. It defied gravity and these campers who performed were fearless. The campers went crazy for this unique circus show that included several of our campers who dazzled us with their trapeze and gymnastic abilities. The rig was lit and the performances were out of this world. As the show ended, all you heard was how everyone wants to sign up for circus tomorrow for their hobby and learn how to do what they did in the show tonight. Standing ovation to a fabulous show. One that we will never forget. We had our own Cirque de Soleil here at CAW!!!

It was another perfect day in paradise