The Show Goes On

Resilience. Tolerance. Acceptance. These are the qualities your kids embraced today as we shared the news that our in person visiting day has been switched to a virtual one. We heard from so many of you that were in support of this hard decision we needed to make and also heard from some who felt disappointed.  We need you to know that your kids are champions and moved through this with brilliance and resilience. There were some weepy eyes and some felt disappointment but that was brief and all the kids moved beyond it and embraced the day ahead. I always say that If I can gift my children confidence and the ability to tolerate challenging moments I would do it in a heartbeat but it’s getting through harder situations that allow them to grow. The campers who felt sad about the news were embraced, listened too and supported. When I say it was brief, it was so brief. Within 30 minutes, they were out playing and this was yesterdays news. They did it. They understood and they moved on. We completely understand you at home may envision a huge melt down and hours of discomfort but that couldn’t be farther from what happened up here. Your kids dealt with disappointment like champions and this is part of how they grow in leaps and bounds at Chenny. We are all experiencing a very normal summer and your kids are happy, really really happy. We will continue taking care of them physically and emotionally and appreciate your trust in us and our judgment. There will be no bigger joy than to get back to a fully normal summer with all of you running through out gates at next summers visiting day.

“My favorite part of the game is the opportunity to play.” Mike Singleatry

-FR/JR BOYS Soccer CAW 6 vs Wayne 4
-Collegiate Boys Baseball  CAW 2 vs Starlight 1
-Collegiate BOYS soccer  Collegiate 6 vs Westmont 1
GC/CIT Boys Softball  CAW 5 @ Tyler Hill 3
-Senior Girls Basketball CAW 26 @  Starlight 36
-Super Girls Soccer  CAW 4 @ Starlight  8
-Inter Girls Basketball CAW 16 vs Westmont 10
Tonights evening activity was just a blast. We had a game show, “Do you know your counselor”. Think Newlywed game but for your counselor. It was hilarious and so much fun. Every camper would answer questions about their counselor and yes they knew them. They knew their favorite food, pets name, favorite TV show, celebrity crush and so much more. It was a great night full of laughs and great moments we all shared together. Just another beautiful day in paradise..