The Heat is On

The heat was on today and when the temperature rises, we get wet. It was such a fun day and all throughout camp everyone was getting soaked in one way or another. Freshman girls were playing a giant game of wet duck duck goose in center camp that turned into a giant water fight. The giggles and laughs were in full force as everyone got into the fun. There wasn’t a dry person to be found. Head staff pulled out the water guns and the game was on. We had so much fun keeping our kids cool and they loved every minute of it. It was a perfect day to run through sprinklers, jump in the pool, play in the lake or have a giant water fight in center camp. And of course, popsicles for snack call was a must. Campers and staff stayed cool and had the greatest day.

Heat or no heat, our athletes played their hearts out today and we couldn’t be more proud.

Middy Girls Softball – CAW 14 @ Blue Ridge 6

Freshman/Junior Boys Basketball – CAW 17 vs. Westmont 13

Middy Boys Soccer РCAW  1 vs. Starlight 5

Collegiate Boys Hockey – CAW 4 vs Starlight 7

Collegiate Boys Soccer – CAW 3 vs. Westmont 2

Senior Boys Tennis – CAW 1 vs Starlight 4

Super Boys Basketball – CAW 49 vs Starlight 62

GC/CIt Boys Softball – CAW 6 vs. Westmont 5

GC/CIT Boys Baseball – CAW 1 vs. Starlight 6

It was time to party the night away as DJ Aaron Tell played the biggest hits and brought the house down!! Campers rocked out with their light up headbands and glow sticks. What an absolute blast tonight was and your kids loved it!!! They danced and sang and jumped around and let loose. The vibe was amazing, the music was rockin and the night was epic. Tonight was one of those summer nights that standout as pretty close to perfect. Best news is we get to do it al over again tomorrow.