Olympic Spirit

There was a buzz around camp today and it was without a doubt, serious anticipation for a camp favorite event, OLYMPICS!!  The campers had a hunch that something special was happening but they just weren’t sure when it was breaking. But boy, was the excitement building and everyone wanted today to be the day. Some were convinced it was breaking at snack call but when the bugle rang for 3rd period, confusion set in. As campers were into their 3rd period activity, that familiar Olympic fanfare song was blasting from all the speakers and down from the top of the hill with our Olympic torch in hand, came the Head Counselors signifying that OLYMPICS IS HERE!

As the Head Counselors proudly paraded down the hill, every camper ran to Shields Hall knowing what was about to happen. There were chants and cheers and the Olympic spirit was alive today at Chenny. As every camper and staff was inside Shields Hall, you could feel the energy grow. It was electric and the type of feeling you wish yo0u could bottle. We announced the teams, Red Cameroon, Gold Ecuador and Blue Iceland followed by Sergeants and Captains. So much to celebrate and so much to look forward to these next 3 days.  Our camp is now split in three equal teams and will spend the next 3 days in deep competition, giving it everything they’ve got but most importantly, having the best time at Olympics 2023.

Just when we thought that camp could not possibly get any better, Olympics takes us to a whole new level. Tonight was a great night as we started our battle with Tugs of War. There has never been a Camp Chen-A-Wanda TUGS OF WAR WITH MORE SPIRIT AND INTENSITY.  It was a night your children will remember and we are so proud to be part of these games that bring best out of us all.