Say Cheese… It’s Picture Day

All  campers and staff got dressed in their camp T’s today,  looking gorgeous to take their bunk pictures. Everyone looked great, cheerful and excited to capture the moment of their 2023 summer.  These bunk photos are forever and they will represent that special summer spent at Camp Chen-A-Wanda. After the morning of photos, it was off to activities.

If you wan to see the cutest thing ever, you would need to be watching our freshman girls crush the new Ninja Warrior course. They had the best time and loved it. These girls were strong and powerful and they felt so great as they dominated the course. The campers are absolutely going bonkers for Ninja. It is a great addition this summer and Chenny Ninjas could not be happier.

If you want to see the energy, spirit and vibe at camp right now, I urge you to take a peek at our Instagram and watch our story. Those brief snip-its of tonight’s staff talent show was SPECTACULAR. There is just nothing better than having staff show off their incredible talents and hear their campers cheer with pride. It was magic in Shields Hall tonight your kids loved every minute of it. We have such a talented group of people and they proudly put that on display tonight. As the show ended and all the campers left the Hall, it appeared as if they all were floating. What a night!!