For the Love of The Game

Our Chenny athletes took to the fields and courts with more team tryouts happening all throughout the day. Enrichments started as well so our campers who want more specialized time in basketball, baseball and soccer enjoyed their enrichment periods learning and playing more in their favorite sports. Playing sports at Chenny is so much fun. The focus is on learning and playing. There is no stress, no pressure, just a focus on skills and sportsmanship. There are no disappointed coaches or stressed out players worrying about really anything. Our games are played for the literal love of the game. Having my own kids involved in school and travel sports I am aware of how those programs at home can leave our kids stressed and more worried about being perfect rather than just loving to play a game. We want to provide our kids a place to fall in love with a sport and the opportunity to learn skills that make them better but ultimately we want our campers to just play and walk off the courts and fields having had a great time.

It appears that the we have a lot of very talented singers, actors and dancers with us this summer. Auditions for our summer show, Matilda began today. We are anticipating a show of all shows. The excitement for this production is at an all time high. The campers have taken their auditions seriously and are rehearsing together and all are committed to making this years show, one to remember!!! You can be anything and everything you want to be here at Chenny.  The choice is theirs and that is where I believe the magic is at. A Junior boy came to me and asked if he can audition for the play and also tryout for the baseball team. I said yes, of course you can do both to which he replied, “Best Day Ever.” Why choose when you can have two things in your life that make you happy.

The great camp vibes of the day continued into our evening activity, The Hustler Game Show.  The campers competed in this trivia game of deception, clues and truths. It was so much fun watching our campers up on stage playing for their bunks to claim victory but only 3 bunks can call themselves Hustler Champions. It was a boys side sweep – Congratulations to Boys Bunks, J, N and P. They are the official Chenny Hustler Champions each winning an Italian Dinner party for their bunks!!!!

5 nights down 43 to go !!!