Red New York Wins Color War

Our last day of Color War started out with morning  games. All the campers played hard and were great competitors. It’s been a great 4 days of competition and today was no different.  The rain came in and that didn’t stop us. It fueled us and there is nothing like playing in a little rain. It was full force ahead and everyone understood  the assignment- It was time time to win Color War. All the campers had great attitudes and played their hearts out to try and grab those last points for their team. Camp was buzzing this morning and everyone could feel the energy grow.

After our morning games, it was one last push with an afternoon with Apache Relay. Everyone matters in Apache and every camper plays a key role. No matter if you are being wrapped in toilet paper, running around the quad track, painting an entire oak tag board or are heading into the School of Rock for the infamous “unknown”, you count. It is a race that includes EVERYONE. It is fun, it is intense and it is Apache. When you think of the true meaning of this camp wide relay, you understand how connected we all are and how each part makes up the whole. The intensity, the focus, the anticipation, it’s all there and it’s why we love Apache. It was and incredible day and we literally didn’t stop. We played hard today and everyone knows that the finish line is getting closer.

As we always know, it really does come down to SING and tonight was no different. The artwork and songs were just incredible. Ask anyone who was in the hall tonight and they will confirm that tonight was pure magic. Both teams brought the “A” game tonight and it was a battle. Each team kept elevating the intensity as every song was stellar, every piece of art was mind blowing.  When the art was presented and shown to each team, the look of amazement blanketed everyone in the hall. Mouths were literally wide open and the look of wonder was on everyones faces. It was just SING perfection and we all knew this race was going to be close. Take a look here at our game of musical chairs. This is how we announce the winner and it was INSANELY fun!! The energy could move mountains and your kids felt the magic.

Congratulations to Red New York for being crowned Summer 2023 Color War Champions!

For five days our camp was divided and tonight we are again one camp family. Back together for the end of a great summer.  We made memories that we will never forget and have gone through experiences that will impact who we are. What we learned during Color War was  profound and we will carry these lessons throughout our lives. Only a few short days left and not a moment to waste. Tomorrow is carnival and everyone is super excited to just play, have fun with games, rides, prizes and cotton candy. It just keeps getting better, till the very end. We have a few more days to go and not a moment to waste. There is more fun to be had and more memories to make as we are determined to make every last day here count.