Carnival Fun Day & A Late Night With Leahy

It was a late wake up today and we all LOVED the extra sleep. After our lazy sleep-in morning, it was off to the Carnival for one amazingly fun day. There were dunk tanks, carnival games, water slides, marriage booth,  inflatable obstacle courses, snow cones, cotton candy and so much more.  The camp favorite today was the foam pit. Campers were loving diving into foam and being covered head to toe. They looked like snowmen coming out of the pit and it was hilarious. It was such a fun day and a great way to celebrate the last few days of camp. It’s a camp tradition to give away Carnival day gifts on this special day and this years was a huge hit. All our campers were proudly wearing  their awesome CAW Trucker hats. They all looked great and camp looked completely in synch with everyone wearing their Carnival hats!

The Carnival wrapped up at 4pm but at around 3:45  it was a downpour and there wasn’t a camper or staff member who wasn’t dancing in the rain. We got soaked and it was so much fun. When is the last time it rained and you just stomped in puddles looking to jump into them? When it rained so hard you just laughed getting soaked form head-to-toe and didn’t care for a minute how wet you were or how soaking your sneakers were. That was how our carnival ended today, with everyone drenched and everyone loving it!!!!

It was awards time with honoring this weeks Camper of the week. We are coming down the end and these incredible campers deserved to be honored for their great character and just how awesome they are to be around. A huge congratulations goes to all of them.

Girls Side: 

Freshman – Skylar Rosenberg

Juniors – Natalie Schwartz

Middies – Ava Koenig & Maya Rubin

Inters – Danielle Donoghue

Collegiates – Sydney Pinzon

Seniors – Maddy Frankel

Supers – Maya Knobloch

GC’s – Lila Klarsfeld

CIT’s – Sloane Irizarry

Boys Side:

Freshman – Jordan Teig

Juniros – Max Brandow

Middies – Judah Geller & Aiden Wexler

Inters – Justin Cowan

Collegiates – Ryan Katz

Seniors – Max Goodman

Supers – Dylan DeGeorge

GC – Chase Goldman

CIT’s- Anthony Scarcella

The most anticipated evening activity of summer is Late Night with Leahy and tonights show was INCREDIBLE. So entertaining , there is no other way to describe it other than beyond belief funny and fabulously entertaining. Brian Leahy creates the most entertaining videos and produces a show that is hysterical beyond belief and wraps up our summer with the most perfect late night talk show twist.  There are incredibly funny videos, dances, TikToks and Beats Headphones giveaways.  Campers and staff absolutely went crazy for the hilarity of what they witnessed tonight. A camp first was Gary Shields getting pied in the face and the laughs and cheers were deafening. The entire Shields Hall was chanting, “Gary’s getting Pied!!” It was a perfect way to end a perfect day and the ideal warp up to summer 2023. Ask your camper how Late Night was and we know they’d say, BEST SHOW EVER followed by a chant everyone on camp knows all to well…BRRIII-AAAN LEAHH-HHHYYYY!!!!

Just three more days to go until summer 2023 is in the books. We have had the most incredible summer to date and our Chenny spirit is flying high here. You can feel the energy, it’s undeniable but everyone knows the end is nearing. We plan on making the most of these last days we have together and nothing or nobody can stop the great vibes we are all feeling here. After the show tonight, a Middy camper came to me asked me how many sleeps we have until we go home. I replied 4 more sleeps. She then summed up what I know we all feel when she replied with,  ” I am excited to see my parents on Saturday, but I just don’t want this to end.”  She grabbed her three friends, they all held hands and walked off together back to their bunk. It’s hard to leave a place that makes you feel this good inside.