Rain Couldn’t Dampen Our Color War Spirit

The rain came down today but nothing in this world could bring down our Color War spirit. We traded our sneakers for rain boots and got onto business. There were psych speeches and games, there were track meets and swim meets. Nothing could stop what we are battling for. When the going gets tough, we get tougher. Your kids stepped up their game and made lemonade out of lemons. So what they were wet, who cares they played soccer in the mud, it didn’t matter that their sneakers got dirty… They had a ball and that is all that mattered. When my kids were little, I would cringe when they stepped in puddles and got their shoes wet. I thought wet shoes = cold feet = catching a cold.. this equation is just not true and it took camp to give me that vision that when there is a puddle, of course the kids will jump right into it. Dirty shoes can get washed and muddy clothes are just not a big deal. The fun our kids have when they jump in those puddles and dirty up their shoes and maybe even stain their shirts from slipping and sliding on the mud is worth it. Every summer, I learn so much from your children and each rainy day my instinct to tell them not to jump into this puddles or avoid the mud piles has been replaced by me jumping in with them. I knew today was a great day when I looked down and my shoes were soaking wet and covered in mud.

The scores were read at dinner and Red DC has the lead but the battle is far from over. Just when you think you have it in the bag.. things turn on a dime like at dinner when Gold Marvel ran back in the Lodge as they found the axe!!! Finding the axe is a color war favorite and a hard fete and the Gold team pulled through tonight and their team went nuts. Just when they needed a lift, the got it!!!!

Scores before dinner : Red DC 2909 vs Gold Marvel 2508

The afternoon was track meet for the girls and swim meet for the boys. The rain just didn’t get in our way, it added to the fun.  The evening was spent with our kids watching counselor game night as they battled for points for their teams. It was basketball in Shields Hall, soccer on the major league field and counselor quest in the Lodge. Our kids supported the staff who played for points. The staff were the stars of the show tonight.

One more day to go in our War of Color. One last day to give it all we’ve got. One more shot to bring it and one last day to leave our mark on Color War 2017.

Chenny out.