Ones Basketball League Takes Over Chenny

It was OBL day at CAW and it was spectacular. This 1v1 tournament is a hit with everyone at Chenny and I personally along with OBL creator NBA Hall of Famers Tracy McGrady couldn’t be more excited. The energy on camp was electric and from sunrise to sunset it was all about 1v1 basketball. We had 3 stars of The Ones Basketball League join us and spend the day at Chenny and our campers and staff loved every single moment. Zac Radz, John Jordan and Isiah “Leaky Roof” Brown loved the day as much as the campers and staff.  All three players star in the upcoming Showtime Docu-series, Bonded By Ball: Inside the OBL that is set to be released on July 28th on Showtime and Paramount +. We showed the trailer to all of camp and it added to the amazing vibe that was in every cornet at Chenny today.

The 1v1 trend is real and Biddy City was poppin’ with tournaments all day long. We had camper tournaments throughout the day as each division had players representing them and battling it out on the court. It was so exciting and so much fun and then for our evening activity the staff got into the action and played their own 1v1 tournament. The campers got behind their counselors and magic was made. So much good energy blanketed camp today and it just felt like one of those days you cant forget.

As if we couldn’t get enough basketball, we had our 3 incredible OBL ball players join our staff game against Camp Wayne for Boys and the late night game was more exciting that the NBA Finals. We let Inters, Collegiates, Seniors, Supers, GC’s and CIT’s stay up and watch the staff game. If your camper is in one of those divisions,  I encourage you to ask them about tonight’s staff game. It was a night that truly blew us all away. I cant quite find the right words to describe the energy in Shields Hall but I am so glad we all got to experience it. Chenny won the game but I think everyone won tonight. Even the players from Wayne stayed after to take pictures with these three phenoms. It became pretty evident early on that  Chenny definitely had some ringers. Electric is how you can describe our day and 1v1 basketball has been embraced by everyone here at  Chenny!!!