Fun, Friends & Fireworks

There is nothing quite like spending the 4th of July here at Camp Chen-A-Wanda. It is the best place to celebrate our day of independence. Everyone got into the red, white and blue spirit. Faces were painted, flags were flying high, red, white and blue tutus were everywhere and the continuous chants of “USA” were at every turn. Pride for our country was at an all time high and everyone got into the spirit. Our international staff was in awe of how spirited camp was today and how deep our pride is for our country. They too joined in the fun and got decked out, head to toe in red, white and blue. There is nothing more Americana than the 4th of July and today was just spectacular. We had perfect weather that added to todays great vibes. Just an all around ideal day at Chenny.

We had a full day of sports and our athletes brought their best effort today.

Inter Girls Softball – CAW 5 @ Wayne 3

GC/CIT LAX – CAW 2 @ Island Lake 3

Freshmen/Junior Boys Soccer – CAW 2 vs Starlight 3

Inter Boys Basketball – CAW 45 vs. Starlight 27

Collegiate Boys LAX – CAW 0 @ Wayne 10

Senior Boys Soccer – CAW 0 vs. Starlight 8

Super Boys Baseball – CAW 3 @ Wayne 5

It was an incredible day here at Chenny but we all knew that the night was the best part and it did not disappoint. The weather tonight was picture perfect. It completely set the tone for what was the best firework show, that  I can remember.  We were decked out head to toe with glow sticks galore & flashing headbands, all red white and blue.  As the night grew darker and the anticipation was intense, we all counted down from 10 to 1 and then in a flash, the night sky lit up above us with the most spectacular firework show. I truly don’t know what is more impressive to watch; the sky light up with a rainbow of colorful fireworks or the look of amazement on your children’s faces as they watch with such anticipation for each firework to unveil above them.  They were just in amazement of what they were seeing and watching them enjoy it so, was a gift they gave to us. There is something about watching a firework show that makes you feel young and reminds you that those summer nights are priceless. Boys side Director Brian Leahy, was sitting in and amongst the freshman boys  as one of the kids leaned over to him and said, “Brian, this doesn’t feel real. I feel like I’m in a dream.” I know that each one of us sitting in the amphitheater, watching the firework show, will always remember tonight. It wasn’t just an ordinary night but a feeling that made you part of something pretty special.  That perfect feeling of an ideal summer night. There is no place on earth would we would rather be but right where we were. It was a magical day and that is how your kids spent their 4th of July.