Olympics Is On

There was a buzz all around camp today about when Olympics would break out. A rumor began and the chatter turned from when Olympics would breakout to if we were having Olympics at all this year. Questions were flying and the excitement was building. You could actually feel the energy in the air but the day just went on as business as usual.

Well, our campers did not have to wait long as the entire camp was enjoying snack call when a very familiar song began to play throughout camp. The Olympic Fanfare sent chills up our spine and every camper ran to Shields Hall. There were chants and cheers and the Olympic spirit was alive today at Chenny. As every camper and staff were inside Shields Hall, the energy got bigger and the excitement was indescribable. We started with a highlight video from Olympics 2019 and it got every single person so pumped up to see what the next 3 days will bring. We announced the Captains and for the first time in Chen-A-Wanda history, we have chosen Sergeants from our GC division to help run Olympics and their contribution to the leadership team in invaluable. The addition of Sergeants will now become a Chenny tradition for years to come.  We will compete, we will play hard, we will show spirit and dedication, we will play fair but most importantly we will have fun in our Olympic Games!  Our camp is now split in three equal teams, Red Singapore, Blue Brazil and Gold Jamaica.

Just when we thought that camp could not possibly get any better, Olympics takes us to a whole new level. Tonight was a great night as we started our battle with Tugs of War. There has never been a Camp Chen-A-Wanda TUGS OF WAR WITH MORE SPIRIT AND INTENSITY.  It was an electric night. We are so proud to be part of these games as we watch your children thrive and be the best they can be. Best news is we get to do this again tomorrow. There is no place like CAW.