Oh What A Mitzvah

It was a sunny beautiful day here at Camp Chen-A-Wanda and your kids took full advantage of  it all. There wasn’t a field or court that wasn’t full of happy kids. Each activity area was just packed with smiling happy campers. From Gaga to Mini Golf to the lake and every other corner, camp was hoppin’ today. Not everyday can be a 10 but today was really close. It was one of those days where it just felt good. The weather was ideal and the day was just so much fun. Good vibes were all around and you could feel it.

The Collegiates and Seniors had their own special day as they left camp and headed for a day at the bowling alley. Good old-school fun, going bowling with your friends. It’s not the bus ride, It’s not the destination, It’s not the bowling that made today remarkable – It was being with friends and feeling free. They played arcade game and laughed with friends. They bowled and laughed with friends. They snacked and laughed with friends and the most important part is that they were with friends. It’s not where you go but who you are with that matters. These kids made memories today and had fun along the way.

But the night belonged to our mitzvah kids. It was a party in their honor. There was a montage and an amazing DJ. There was Kona-Ice and Churros. There was incredible music and so many fun gift give-aways. It was a perfect night as the kids partied hard. They was singing and dancing with everyone letting loose. With everything they missed, we were determined to give your mitzvah camper and every other camper here a night to remember. Right before we sent our youngest campers to bed, we all heard that familiar Olympic fanfare song and the place erupted and the kids went bananas. Shields Hall was electric. They could smell Olympics and it was breaking tonight. As the song played on the campers and staff got more excited. .Only to be disappointed  that they need to wait a little longer for Olympics to break. Tonight was a Fake Out!!Tonights vibe was incredible and just was the perfect ending to a spectacular day. The great news: We get to do it all again tomorrow.