Never Give Up

The spirit was high and competition was fierce today. It was a great day and the campers dug down deep today. Red Summer were decked out in red and everything summer from head to toe while the Gold Winter shimmered with snowflakes on their faces. It was team spirit and pride that every competitor had on their minds.

The Super boys played a soccer match today that will go down in Chen-A-Wanda Color War history with a 5 minute overtime followed by a sudden death shootout that took over 18 shots on goal to determine who would prevail. This was a nail biter the whole way thorough. It was so competitive and so fierce ands so much fun to play, the boys were on fire. After a long and intense competition and on the 18th penalty kick, Gold Winter won the match. They celebrated as if they just won the war. That was a game of all games and the Super boys will never forget their soccer match they played in today.

The afternoon brought all of girls’ camp to the track meet. There were individual races and relays that brought a deep lever and appreciation for this competition. On your marks, get set go was heard all afternoon and girls side was ready. As each girl did her part, she became part of something much bigger than herself. She ran alone but she ran for her team today. When you see the faces of each runner knowing they must do their best because this event is for the greater good. One camper crossed the finish line while screaming on the top of her lungs, “Never, give up, Never give up” She won that race and as we watched her celebrate the win, she used that saying all afternoon for this who followed her… Never give up, Never give up!!! When she first muttered those words, it was intended for herself but those words resonated with every girl who ran today.. We will never give up.

While all of girl’s camp at the track meet the boys were busy with races at the pool and lake. They dove right in and what is so awesome to watch these boys race in the pool is their total support for getting their teammates to that finish line. It’s a scene unlike any other as you can hear their support chanting over one another with all the same goal and then you see the kids swim faster as if words of encouragement gave our campers fins that propelled them through the water. It’s like a burst of energy that takeover and makes us stronger and allows us to believe we can. We can do it and boys side did do it with an incredible swim meet. Phelps may have won his 19th gold medal today in the Summer Olympics but our boys won a lot more as they swam with heart, passion and intensity.

Tonight was Skit Night and each team brought creative, unique and entertaining productions to the stage. They danced, they sang and they told their stories. It was a skit night that will go down in history as one to remember. Watching it unfold, one can only say, these campers and staff are having the time of their lives. You can be as goofy and silly and passionate as you can possibly be here. This is your turn to let loose and give it your all and that’s what each team did tonight, they brought it. All with smiles and spirit so high, Shields Hall could hardly contain the energy inside of it!!!


Chenny out.