Happier We Could Not Be, On Color War Day 3

We can’t believe that it’s Color War Day 3 already. Today started with another action-packed morning full of games. Whether it was the intense game of water polo being played by the Super Boys, or the Middy Girls playing steal the bacon, which might be one of the cutest sites you’ve every seen. It was if someone took this morning right out of the encyclopedia’s definition of Color War. There was fierce competition, incredible dedication, and unparalleled spirit coursing through everyone’s veins, all set in the warm sunny weather at C-A-W.

The afternoon gave way to Track & Field for the Boys and Swimming & Boating for the Girls. The weather was incredible, and this morning’s energy carried right on through to the afternoon. The boys threw softballs and footballs, hit fungo, and ran individual and relay races. While the boys were up the hill, the girls were at the pool and lake. Our girls had a fabulous time swimming individual and relay races, rowing boats, and paddling with kick-boards. Both Track & Field and Swimming & Boating give our kids the most incredible feeling of accomplishment for their team. The entire camp was there to cheer them on whether they come in 1st or 4th, its their effort that counts.

As we all worked our bodies to the bone with a day of physical challenges, the night was meant to test our brains. It was Quiz Night and it was awesome. Each group had trivia tests that covered everything from pop culture to sports to history and everything in between. Every topic was covered and every camper was challenged. It was a team effort as they hummed and hawed over the answers. A giant trivial pursuit if you will. The night was amazing and one thing we all realized that our minds are sharp and we are all smart as a whip. After all our kids got to compete, it was off to Shields Hall to watch the counselors in a serious battle of the brains contest. After 40 challenging questions, the race was close but Red Summer squeaked out the win tonight.

Calling it an action-packed day would be the understatement of the year, and tomorrow will be even busier. Day 3 is in the books, and we are off to bed to recharge as we dream about the amazing time we are about to have tomorrow.

Chenny Out.