Lovin’ Late Night With Leahy

We spent the last official day of regular activities having the best time playing everything and anything. The pool and lake were full of happy campers. The fields had tons of games going on and the biddy city had happy ballers while the Chenny Shack was busy making burgers and pizza. It was like we all knew that this is it. Our last day of regular activities in summer 2018.

Congratulations to our very last Campers of the Week of summer 2018. A huge shout out to these awesome kids.

Freshmen –   Lyla Miller & Ashton Nadel

Juniors – Marissa Holtzman & Brady Bornstein

Middies – Alex Lendenbaum & Emma Erlich

Inters – Abby Goldblatt & Austin Berstein

Collegiates –  Liv Mallor & Ethan Schwartzberg

Seniors – Shaya Roth & Emma Denson & Hunter Galan

Supers – Bella Derose & Aidan Tessler

GC – Emily Weiss & Evan Kay

CIT – Ava Kreshover & Jessie Altman & Matt Glickman


The night was all about Late Night with Leahy and the excitement was in the air. It is an amazing culmination of  incredible videos & skits by our very own creative genius Brian Leahy and produced by the insanely talented media Team of Joe Co and Nate. It is highly anticipated and did not disappoint.  The night referenced everything funny about camp this summer. Every camper and staff member laughed till it hurt. It was like watching a real late night show with comedy sketches, give away prizes, Top Ten Thank You Notes and a camp favorite, Bad Lip Reading. The hit of the night was our very own trailer A Quieter Place. It is a must watch. This evening’s activity is a camp favorite and even our counselors that were off duty, stayed in to watch because it’s just that entertaining. Campers absolutely went crazy for own home grown Late Night Show.

Everyone is looking forward to banquet tomorrow. It is the best celebration and we do it in style. We dine on amazing cuisine as we are all dressed up in our best duds. Then it’s back to the bunk to get on comfortable clothes and shoes for one amazing night of dancing and celebrating. Best night of CAW is just around the corner. It’s one big party and everyone looks forward to this night all summer long. We just can’t believe it’s actually here. Feels like we just rolled into camp and started this journey but 48 days have passed and we are looking at the end of an experience that has changed who we are. Here’s to the last 2 days of living the Chenny dream.

Chenny Out.