Late Night with Leahy

Today was a brunch wake up and we were all so excited to have that extra sleep.  After our 5 day Color War, the sleep was so was well deserved.  The sun was shining and it was a relaxed dat at camp. Things are winding down and it feels like summer is getting close to the end. With only a few more day to go, reality is setting in – Summer ’22 is wrapping up.

We had free play all morning and the kids were loving the ease about today. After our 5 day Color War, a laid back morning was exactly what we all needed. After lunch, it was our last official activities of the summer. As I walked around camp, all you see are kids playing. I watched the Middy boys play a great game of fall football right next to a gaga tourney with the freshman girls. Everyone from our freshman through our CIT’s just played today. They were getting every inch of whats left of camp. When the last bugle rang today after the last official activity, everyone knew that was it and reality has set in.

The most anticipated evening activity of summer is Late Night with Leahy and tonights show was INCREDIBLE. So entertaining , there is no other way to describe it other than beyond belief funny and fabulously entertaining. Brian Leahy creates the most entertaining videos and produces a show that is funny beyond belief and wraps up our summer with the most perfect late night talk show twist.  There are incredibly funny videos, dances, TikToks and Beats Headphones giveaways.  Campers and staff absolutely went crazy for the hilarity of what they witnessed tonight. It was a perfect way to end a perfect day and the ideal warp up to summer 2022. Ask your camper how Late Night was and we know they’d say, “best show ever.”

Just two more days to go until summer ’22 is in our rear view mirror. We have had the most incredible summer to date and our Chenny spirit is flying high here. You can feel the energy, it’s undeniable and you can feel the shift of knowing we will soon be back home. Even as we are slowing down, the magic of teachable moments are happening here. Tonight two senior girls were having some troubles in their friendship and 3 CIT girls sat with these 2 girls and shared their heart. They said something that went straight my heart when I heard them say, “we wasted time with drama and holding grudges and believe us when we say, its not worth holding onto the pain and misunderstanding. Look beyond any mistakes you’ve made and move past it together. We would do anything to be Seniors again and to have the summers back with our best friends. But our time here is coming to an end. Learn from your mistakes and be the river.” This is a sentiment I have said on the daily as I encourage the kids to be the river and roll with life harder times. Watching our oldest girls help a few girls who so needed to hear that tonight was just so beautiful. It was full circle watching kids help kids with their knowledge and experience. I just sat, listened and watched as our CIT’s so beautifully helped these two girls who needed to hear this exact message tonight.

So onto our last 2 nights and we cannot wait to party like rock stars tomorrow night at Banquet. Ending with a bang Chenny style.