Banquet Bliss

Reality has set in that our last few days of summer 2022 are upon us. It is a mix of emotion here at camp as we are organizing for the end. With Color War behind us and banquet happening tonight, the end of summer 2022 is coming closer. We have only one more day and this magical summer will come to a close.

As the sun was setting over Fiddle Lake, we were all dressed up in our best outfits and headed to the beach and everyone took pictures together with friends & counselors. Everyone looked beautiful. The vibe was insane and just so full of joy. Kids stood on the dock, arm in arm smiling for that group picture that will be looked at a million times as soon they return home only to remind us of this very night.  It was a night that had a tangible feeling attached to it – we looked gorgeous, felt happy and it showed on every person here at camp.  Living free and happy is how we choose to live up here. This night was perfect and as they walked into the Lodge for banquet dinner we walked into a world under the sea.  We ate delicious food, sang at the top of our lungs and danced together and everyone felt the love. There were Congo lines all around the Lodge and the party was hopping and the energy was just incredible.

After dinner it was off to Shields Hall for our end of the year division Awards. Each Division highlighted the following campers in 3 areas; Honor Camper, Athlete of the Year and All Around Camper. They are truly standout campers and we couldn’t be more proud to highlight and honor them on this great night. To receive an award on this night is the highest honor we can give our campers. These are remarkable campers who deserve all the accolades and praise they were given. We have outstanding campers and tonight the light was bright on the campers we recognized with these extremely prestigious awards. What an honor, what a night and oh what a feeling!!!!

FRESHMEN Lily Schwartz Charli Houlis Blair Amster
JUNIORS Emma Shey Emmy Sanon Maya Park
MIDDIES Charlotte Cangiano Gabby Hassenbein Charli McClure
INTERS Julie Gold Victoria Portonova Alexandra Ortiz
COLLEGIATES Maya Kushner Jordana Kohen Ava Mallin
SENIORS Mia Koenig Sammy Keane Hayley Plotnick
SUPERS Abby Bussel Emily Benisch Paige Arenberg
GC’s Jillian Shohet Brooke Gordon Natalie Portnoy
CIT Of The Year Annie Isaacson


FRESHMEN  Tyler Lefkowitz Jordan Schwebel Ryan Zaben
JUNIORS  Brody Scharaga & Spencer Braverman Brandon Carrasquillo & Spencer Simon Mason Kohen & Gabe Porat
MIDDIES  Harrison Pilkington Emmet Rosenberg Ethan Marin
INTERS  Enzo Vicente Jake Freeman Brody Adler
COLLEGIATES  Nate Wellikoff Matan Harel Jordan Morris
SENIORS  Elan Harel Cade McClure Dylan Adler
SUPERS Jason Marks Noah Caplan Justin Ghorchain
GC’s  Trent Hernandez  Brett Schuster Lincoln Williams
CIT’s of the Year Logan Saltzman

After the Awards, it was party time and we danced all night long. Shields Hall was full of campers who let loose and danced until their feet hurt. It was over the top fun having our last true dance party with our summer family. It’s so hard to believe the summer is coming to a close.  It just doesn’t seem real. As campers headed back to their bunks full of glow sticks, T-shirts, glow rings and other goodies that were given out at the party, everyone was exhausted and elated and had the times of their life tonight. It was a party like no other as we celebrated an amazing summer 2022. It was just an incredible way to celebrate with the most amazing people on the planet. Life is great.. One more day to go and we don’t want to blink because before we know it, we will boarding those buses and heading home. A truly remarkable night that reflects a truly remarkable summer.